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20 tph biomass cfb boiler prices

  The fluidized bed boiler equipment of ZOZEN boiler is a special equipment for medium and large-scale production and power generation, and this type of product is also one of the most proud series of Zhongzheng boiler. This is mainly because Zhongzheng Boiler started its business as a circulating fluidized bed boiler. The Zhongzheng boiler circulating fluidized bed coal-fired boiler with multiple patented technologies has particularly good adaptability to fuel, high combustion efficiency, strong heat transfer capacity in the furnace, high desulfurization efficiency, low NOX emissions, and a large load variation range. Good adjustment characteristics and small number of coal feed points are the advantages of circulating fluidized bed. Therefore, the external circulating fluidized bed boiler and the internal circulating fluidized bed boiler, which have always been our ZOZEN boiler shares, have been widely praised by customers. In addition, Zhongzheng Boiler has two other achievements of fluidized bed boilers that passed the national appraisal this year, which has made ZOZEN boiler a big leader in the boiler industry. Of course, in addition to the model of circulating fluidized bed boiler, the price of circulating fluidized bed boiler is also the focus of customers. For example, a customer who wants to buy a 20-ton circulating fluidized bed boiler must know that the price of a 20t fluidized bed boiler is much higher than that of a fuel gas boiler. After all, it is used in industrial production. However, the specific 20-ton fluidized bed boiler quotation needs to be obtained directly from Zhongzheng Boiler, because the complete set of equipment including the boiler body and auxiliary equipment will change with the customer's specific operation site, so we need to know specifically Only then can you determine the details of the device you need.

  The 20-ton circulating fluidized bed boiler produced by ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. includes a 20-ton circulating fluidized bed power station boiler, a 20-ton DHX type circulating fluidized bed boiler, a 20-ton SHX type circulating fluidized bed boiler, and a 20-ton QXX high-speed external circulating fluidized bed. There are several types of bed boilers and 20-ton QXX low-speed internal circulating fluidized bed boilers. For example, water-cooled vortex internal separation low-speed circulating fluidized bed boilers are mainly used in large-scale central heating, production gas supply projects or heating systems in cities and various enterprises. Different parameters and hardware configurations, 20-ton boiler quotes are also different. But what we can guarantee is that the quality of the 20t boiler under any parameter is guaranteed.

  For more information on the 20-ton fluidized bed boiler quotation, please call ZOZEN Boiler's national toll-free number 13506151153 directly, or the sales hotline 13506151153 for consultation!

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