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6 tph WNS series gas-fired steam boiler for Geely Auto Linhai Industrial Park

Project Description

  The automobile has brought convenience for people's travel. The steam boiler is onepieceof the indispensable equipment in the modern automobile production line. As we all know, Geely Auto is one of the top ten enterprises in China's automobile industry. It has achieved rapid development by virtue of its flexible operation mechanism and continuous independent innovation since it entered the field of automobilein 1997. As a first-class manufacturing subsidiary of Geely, Zhejiang Land Rover Automobile Co., ltd decided to expand the Linhai industrial park to produce 300,000 vehicles and key components annually. During the construction of the industrial park, Geely Auto conducted an open bidding andplannedto introduce a batch of steam boilers with excellent performance in all aspects.

  After fierce competition,ZOZEN stoodout among manyboiler suppliers with strong comprehensive strength. It wasthe WNS series environment-friendly gas-firedboiler with excellent performance that wonthe bid. This series of boilershasa good reputation and excellent project performance in the domestic and foreign steam boiler market with characteristics of safetyand reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance, automatic intelligent control and so on.All these advantages benefitfrom advanced technology and equipment of ZOZEN, fully automaticproduction lines such as serpentine production line, membrane wall production line, CNC coil production line, as well as the information production management system,whichhavebecomea set of large-scale, professional, intelligent boiler production base. The ZOZENWNS series gas-fired steam boilershavebeen providing thestable and efficient heat source guarantee for the baking paint, coating and other processes of Geely Auto automatic assembly line.

Customer feedback

  ZOZENlivedup to our expectations. The gas-fired steam boiler manufactured by craftsmanship not only ranstably, but also hadhigh thermal efficiency. Over the years, it has made great contributions to Geely Auto and won the unanimous praise of the company.

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