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2 tph WNS series gas-fired steam boiler for the auto parts industry

Project Description

  With increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, coal-to-gas boiler projects are progressing in an orderly manner across the country. In this process, ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler with excellent environmental performance has been widely recognized and favored by the market. This series of gas-fired boilers adopts a large-diameter corrugated furnace, which can not only ensure the full combustion of the fuel to a certain extent, but also effectively absorb the thermal expansion. And the threaded smoke tubes have good thermal scalability, scientific airflow design, effectively absorb the flame heat, and combined with the energy-saving devices at the end of the flue, the boiler thermal efficiency can reach over 98%. In addition, in response to the low NOx emission requirements put forward by more and more enterprises, ZOZEN has selected international advanced low NOx burners to easily achieve NOx below 30mg/Nm3, and customized a full set of boiler system design solutions for many enterprises to effectively achieve better energy conservation and emission reduction effects.

  Established in 2004, Nanjing Futian Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise mainly engaged in the production and painting of automotive lamps, mirrors, plastic covers, and handles, which is a key supporting enterprise of Nanjing Changan, Hebei Changan , Nanjing IVECO, etc. ZOZEN WNS series steam boiler has become a stable and reliable source of steam heat for the coating process of automotive parts. The automatical, high-efficiency boiler system has greatly reduced the operation and maintenance costs for FutianAuto Parts and achieved green development.

Customer feedback

  Since being put into operation, ZOZENWNS series boiler had beenalways maintaininga stable and efficient working condition, and become one piece of the important equipment in our company's automotive parts coating production line.Andthe excellent environmental protection performance of this gas-firedboiler ensured that all dischargedpollutantswerein compliance with standards and easily passedenvironmental protection acceptance, creating favorable conditions for the sustainable development of our company.

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