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4200KW YLW series chain grate thermal fluid heater for manganese mining

Project Description

  During the deep processing of manganese ore, the industrial boiler providessufficient heat source power for the purification process.CITICDameng Mining Industries Limitedis a large-scale multinational enterprise group that integrates mining, processing and smelting of manganese products. It is also an important platform for CITIC Group to develop manganese ore resources and an important worldwidesupplier of manganese products.As of now, CITIC Dameng Mining has 16 branches at home and abroad. Among them, Daxin Manganese Mining Branch officially signed a contract with Wuxi ZOZEN Boilers Co., Ltd. for the YLW thermal fluid heater in 2017.

  The ZOZEN YLW series thermal fluid heater has excellent safety performance, high degree of automation and convenient maintenance. It can precisely control the oil temperature and oil pressure to meet the actual use requirements of Daxin Manganese Mine. In terms ofheater body insulation, the inner side is made of high-quality refractory bricks, the externaladoptsconcave-convex panels and the high-quality pearl cotton are also used to ensure that the temperature of the heateris controlled below 50°C and reduce heat loss.In addition, in order to achieve the green development goals proposed by Daxin Manganese Mine, ZOZEN customized the flue gas waste heat recovery system and the scientific boiler room solution to effectively improve economic benefits and truly implement clean production, energy saving and emission reduction.

Customer feedback

  The performance of ZOZENwasvery good in all aspects. After the first pleasant cooperation, I believedthat the cooperation between the two parties wouldbe smoother in the future.We felt relieved to work with such a rigorous and professional company.

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